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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sound Transit Website Down

Sound Transit, one of the agencies where my father lives, seems to be having some problems with its website. (click image for larger version)


Kurt Clark said...

Appears to be back up now, as of 10:50am.

Michael Ragsdale said...

No it's not. That's their host's "temporary" page. The real Sound Transit page is what's down.

Quintus Slide said...

These guys seem to have allowed their domain registration to lapse. Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Opponents of Sound Transit's November tax hike measure Prop 1 stepped in on Saturday with a $35payment to the registrar to get www.soundtransit.org back in operation! Sound Transit should pay attention to the basics of customer service, such as the web site providing schedules and maps for its routes.

Michael Ragsdale said...

Now I'm glad we have (206) 553-3000 and (206) BUS-TIME 24/7 (excluding holidays).

I lived in Pierce County (specifically on the 592 operated by Pierce Transit) for several months with my father, so I still keep track of bus service out there (yes PT: I'm the Michael Ragsdale in Virginia who requests The Bus Stops Here + Get Ready to Ride Transit Guide every service change).

ST: Let's get something back up, shall we?